The Barstool Reverie

The barstool even looks like an island. It stands alone, togeth­er with its’ sib­lings, in a row then around a bend like an arch­i­pel­ago. The barstool is a sta­tion­ary vehi­cle. Climb on up and find your­self slid­ing away from the morning’s sta­tus meet­ing and escap­ing the oncom­ing pres­sure of the evening busi­ness. You are safe­ly alone among your fel­low trav­el­ers. Atop a barstool, you sit unjudged; per­mit­ted to un-focus your con­cen­tra­tion, allowed to wan­der freely. Bonus: your favorite drink is a short sen­tence away.

What pos­si­ble pro­duc­tiv­i­ty could be reached from such a cliché seat of pro­cras­ti­na­tion?

Let’s be mind­ful of a few things; One, we’ll admit the con­tem­po­rary world of busi­ness and tech­nol­o­gy is as high-strung and intense as ever. Sec­ond, we’ll con­cede that those who work with dili­gence and grit are the like­li­est of us to reach their goals. Third, hap­pi­ness is not an out­come, it is a state of being.

Wait, what? I thought we were on a barstool. What does busi­ness, tech­nol­o­gy, hard work, and hap­pi­ness have to do with our padded beer post?

In a word, med­i­ta­tion. Per­haps the inter­net has made you aware of those hip arti­cles on the prac­tice and ben­e­fits of Mind­ful­ness? If not, mind­ful­ness is the men­tal state of being con­scious of the moment. It is a form of medi­a­tion. It shuts out before and after, focus­ing on now. The go-get­ter busi­ness per­son con­structs a day where Now is hard to find. Atten­tion is giv­en to learn­ing from the past, to prepar­ing for the future, to stay­ing up, on trends or at night.

Stop for a minute. Relax your eyes. Order that drink and sit unjudged. It’s ok to use your busi­ness weapon train­ing here too. Go ahead, be focused and inten­tion­al, just as that busi­ness and tech­nol­o­gy arti­cle instruct­ed. Be inten­tion­al in let­ting go. Sit and be nowhere, let your mind wan­der, you nev­er know where it will go. Think of noth­ing on pur­pose and fol­low whichev­er thread finds grip. Inspi­ra­tion in the next sip. That neck knot final­ly releas­es, sym­bol of your grit and dili­gence. What good is work­ing toward the wrong goal? The barstool is here to

help realign pri­or­i­ties, to bol­ster your to-dos with relaxed assur­ances, or to bite back against them with clar­i­ty like that water glass.

The last sip. Go ahead and pay up, the val­ue far exceeds the cost. Con­sid­er depart­ing your barstool, but before you do be mind­ful of your progress. Write that idea down before unseat­ing. Re-cat­a­log the to-dos with that water glass lens. Be free, return to your busi­ness and tech­nol­o­gy grind with more aware­ness, more hap­pi­ness. Thanks barstool. It was a good ride. Pick up your dili­gence and grit, found hang­ing like a jack­et by the door.

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